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The real meaning of MPH: in defense of blondes

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For some reason, I’m under impression that the blonde lady intuitively understands that in order to answer the question, you need to know the average speed, and not just the speedometer reading. So she keeps bringing up "mile a minute" and "it usually takes me about…".

And the guy attempts to solve the practical problem under the assumption of constant speed, without stating that he is making that assumption (and I believe, without even thinking about that).

The girl accuses him of guesstimating, and he in reply claims “that’s math and science”.

The girl also offers to time their trip, and the guy just laughs.

I am on the girl’s side. Even though the guy remembers something from middle school, the girl’s intuition is much closer to science than the guy’s math.

And “MILE PER HOUR” is an anagram of “I REPEL HUMOR”.


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04/05/2012 at 1:59 am

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