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The Flyweight Design Pattern

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I think that the Flyweight Pattern is underrated. It is not all about saving memory. In many cases, Flyweights also add convenient syntax and clear semantics to the code. They are almost like “enums on steroids”. Here is a coding idiom that I frequently use:

class Flavor
    private Flavor(string displayName, Color colorCode)
        this.displayName = displayName;
        this.colorCode = colorCode;

    private string displayName;
    public string DisplayName { get { return displayName; } }
    private Color colorCode;
    public Color ColorCode { get { return colorCode; } }
    public static readonly Flavor Vanilla = 
        new Flavor("Vanilla", Color.FromRgb(0xF4, 0xE7, 0xC6));
    public static readonly Flavor Chocolate = 
        new Flavor("Chocolate", Color.FromRgb(0x8B, 0x45, 0x13));
    public static readonly Flavor Pineapple = 
        new Flavor("Pineapple", Color.FromRgb(0xEE, 0xEE, 0x00));

    public static IEnumerable<Flavor> AllFlavors
        get { yield return Vanilla; yield return Chocolate; yield return Pineapple; }

    public static Flavor Parse(string displayName)
        return (from f in AllFlavors 
                where string.Compare(f.displayName, displayName) == 0 
                select f).First();


Now we can do tons of convenient things like:

icecream.Flavor = Flavor.Chocolate;
if (icecream.Flavor == Flavor.Vanilla) {…}
comboBox.DataContext = Flavor.AllFlavors;
productPanel.Background = new SolidColorBrush(icecream.Flavor.ColorCode);


Written by bbzippo

10/26/2010 at 5:18 am

Posted in programming

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