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Lock pattern using mutex

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For some reason Microsoft doesn’t provide any examples for using mutexes in .Net in the same manner as we use monitors and the lock statements.

I think the following pattern works:

           Mutex mut = new Mutex(false, "Global\\MyMutex");
           bool mutexOwned = false;
               mutexOwned = mut.WaitOne(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(2), false);
           catch (AbandonedMutexException)
               //Eat AbandonedMutexException - the mutex will still be acquired
               //... but you may want to log this exception
               mutexOwned = true;
           if (!mutexOwned)
               throw new Exception("Could not acquire mutex within the timeout.");
               // Do the stuff
               if (mutexOwned)

Written by bbzippo

07/17/2010 at 8:16 pm

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