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Zen of Requirements Definition

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namespace Mind {
    class Hand {
        void Clap() {

無門曰 A young Analyst invited a Design Master for a consultation. They were having a tea ceremony and the Analyst was asking the Master questions:
– How do I analyze the Subject Area?
– Subject Area is Emptiness. How can one analyze Emptiness?
– But how do I build Models?!
– Models are forms of Emptiness in Customers minds. It’s like tea: it has different forms when in a cup and when in a pot. Do you understand?
– Yes! You are saying that the subject area doesn’t matter and only requirements matter.
The Master took the teapot and started pouring hot tea onto the Analyst’s pants.
– Now, do you understand?
– Yes! Requirements are important and the subject area is important too!
Then the Master dropped the teapot on the floor. It broke.
At that moment the Analyst got enlightened.


Written by bbzippo

12/09/2009 at 4:01 am

Posted in fun, programming

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