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Premature Optimization is a Prerequisite for Success

Permutation or a time zip?

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The title does make sense because it’s an anagram of “premature optimization”. (Found via Xworder , of course).

Permutation generation is another combinatorial algorithm that is NOT used in Xworder. Same story as with powersets (see prev. post). But unlike with powersets, with permutations I didn’t even try to write a fancy algorithm that recurses over enumerators. I prematurely resorted to the good old iterative algorithm shown below (I think it’s due to Knuth).  BTW, here is a really really cool post (in a really really cool blog) about efficient recursion in functional programming http://community.bartdesmet.net/blogs/bart/archive/2009/11/08/jumping-the-trampoline-in-c-stack-friendly-recursion.aspx . Unfortunately, I lack brain power to fully understand it 😦

Anyway, here is the permutation algorithm (you need to start with 1, 2, 3, …, n):

        private bool NextPermutation(int[] values)
            int n = values.Length;

            int i = n - 1;
            while (i > 0 && values[i - 1] >= values[i])
            if (i == 0)
                return false;

            int j = n;
            while (values[j - 1] <= values[i - 1])

            Swap(values, i - 1, j - 1);
            j = n;

            while (i < j)
                Swap(values, i - 1, j - 1);

            return true;

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11/10/2009 at 8:54 am

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